Which photography style suits you and your partner best?

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Which photography style suits you and your partner best?

You’ve put endless amounts of hours planning it all-the wedding cake, the dress, the florals, the decor-until everything is in the perfect place. You blink twice, and this whole flawless day is suddenly over. You simply can not wait to relive the precious moments from this day as you anticipate the moment you receive the photographs from your photographers.. until you realize that your photographer only shot in a style completely opposite to how you remember the day. Every ounce of energy put into preparing this would go to waste, unless it is documented EXACTLY as you envision. 

It takes very little energy to simply type “local wedding photographer”, and even less to then get extremely overwhelmed with the amount of options out there. We know. Finding a photographer for your wedding is tricky. There are so many to choose from, and they are all different. The one you grew to love is too expensive. Too far. Doesn’t offer an engagement portrait session. The possibilities are endless. One HUGE step that most couples tend to miss, and that could help them a whole lot more if they did is determine what style of photography would document this day to its full potential. We decided to share with you four different photography styles that photographers typically use. We hope this helps you and your partner decide what photography style would suit your relationship best. 

classic, simple, formal

Elegant, simple and beautiful. Similar to the photographs from my parents’ and grandparents’ weddings. Simply posed and simply photographed.

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Moody and intimate

Ahhh, the "moody” trend. For many years, wedding photography was “all white” but we have most definitely shifted into an era where many photographers (including us) are experimenting with the opposite of that. I must say, there is nothing more stunning than to capture the raw intimacy between two human beings in a dark forest at golden hour, where you can hear the river running by.

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Fun & “Creative”

“We don’t want anything too romantic or “lovey-dovey”. We just want a photograph where we are laughing.” Wow. We love getting requests such as this, because it usually means we can implement fun props like pillow fights(see pillow fight below)! If you and your partner are not the type of people who like “cheesy” photographs, speak to your photographer, because trust us, there is nothing more fun than taking photos while making s’mores—and then eating them all after (again, see below)! :D

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Studio, bridal, Editorial

Think about that beautiful wedding dress you spend hours looking for, picking and trying on— yet you only get to wear it once? Wedding days are rushed, tiring and sometimes, we don’t get to capture the beauty of you in your dress as we would if we have time set out for just this. Imagine yourself in that perfect wedding dress, only you in front of a black backdrop. (Perhaps, the perfect time would be on the day you get your trial makeup done!)

Our obsession with studio portraits has led us to our recent expansion from Mehdi Nowroozi Wedding Photography into Here & Vow Studio. There is nothing more elegant than getting perfectly lit studio portraits of you and your partner—sometimes with a hint of nature!

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We are suckers for experimentation and creating art with people who want to create it with us. It took us years of wedding photography and videography to find how to photograph in these styles—lighting, camera settings, wedding photo poses (even the candids are usually posed!). And this applies to wedding videography also, for which, in all honesty, is much easier to create a particular atmosphere. In photography, we have lighting, colours and grain to experiment with—but with video being a moving picture, we get all of that plus the movement and sound. Wedding photography and wedding videography really is one of the most beautiful forms of art. We fall more in love with it with every click of the shutter.

The beauty of these photography styles is that you can mix and match them in any way you want. All it takes is communicating this with each other and with your photographer. At the end of the day, the relationship between you and your partner will be captured best if you be yourselves. We hope that categorizing these styles makes it a little easier for you to find what you love best.

Good luck, and we wish you the best with the wedding planning!

—The Here & Vow Team