nita lake lodge, whistler bc

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Waiting at the stunning Nita Lake Lodge located in Whistler BC, was Elena with her heart beating rapidly. It was only a matter of time before her and Matt were to say their vows. They were about  to have this beautiful winter wedding they have always dreamed of, and to top it all off, it would be with the most phenomenal view of the mountains. There were expressions of joy and happiness in the room when talking about the wedding, and Matt could have not shown anymore of how happy he was, to be marrying the love of his life.

As Matt sat down, he began to read over his vows while trying to calm the tidal wave of nerves for this big day. While gathering all the groomsmen, they had taken a toast to the day where Matt becomes a married man. With kind words from friends and family, they began to prepare for the wedding. As the last, final touches were made, one of Matt’s groomsmen lent a hand with is jacket, and as they put on their bow ties, they became wedding material!

With four bridesmaid on stand by, Elena patiently sat there while Natacha Trottier (@natachatrottier) had done a phenomenal job on makeup and hair, making sure every aspect was precise and perfect for this special day! After Elena slipped into her dress, slid on her sparkly heels, she made her way down the long stairwell blowing everyone away with her beauty. As we photographed this stunning moment, it was now time to make our way to the lake, where Matt was patiently waiting to see his bride for the first time. Elena walked down the dock as she made her way over to Matt, who was facing the lake, but so desperately anticipating his turn towards her. You could see a loving, gracious smile appear upon Elena’s face, her world lit up the second he had turned around. It was as if she had been seeing black and white all this time, until she met him, and that’s when she began to see colour.

During the portrait session, photographing every moment they shared (taking with her the warm, white boots for the session done in the crisp, Whistler weather), we made sure to protect Elena’s dress at all costs. As we had asked the hotel for towels to place under the dress. We wanted the perfect winter wedding photos but didn’t want to sacrifice dragging along the dress through the dirt, so we compromised! Once everyone had decided it was time to have a bit of fun, they wanted to have a round of basketball (wedding edition!!!). All the groomsmen and bridesmaids had joined together, and would you believe it if we told you that the groom scored a shot?

Hands shaking, and hearts pumping, moments before Elena was to walk down the aisle. While Matt stood, waiting nervously but also in excitement for his bride to be. All while friends and family coming as far as from Finland to experience two amazing people become one. They all began to watch Elena, as she walked down the aisle in her beautiful flowing white dress. Once at the altar, all eyes were on them as the ceremony began saying their vows, sharing a laugh. The moment came, where Elena and Matt said “I do”, they then sealed the moment with a kiss they will remember for the rest of their lives. Matt and Elena had just had their first official kiss as a married couple, and it was now time to celebrate! As Matt took Elena’s hand in his, pulling her off her feet, they began to dance the night away. With the room filled with, joy and laughter, the guests could not stop talking about how gorgeous the wedding was. Family and friends all had expressed great happiness for the couple, and their wedding will be something Elena and Matt cherish for a very long time, till death do them part. To say we feel incredibly blessed to have been able to capture their precious moments would be an understatement. Thank you from our whole team to the flawless Elena and Matt. We wish you two only the best of days!

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