Jasmine and Jonathan's Engagement

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Mehdi met Jasmine and Jonathan at the beautiful Iona Beach on a spring afternoon. The weather was PERFECT for this amazing engagement portrait session. This beautiful couple arrived relaxed, and happy. Jasmine was more reserved than Jonathan but the peaceful nature of their relationship allowed us to truly see the way they felt the intimate moment between the two.
During the photographing of these moments of them walking on the beach, there was another adorable couple basking in the glory of this beautiful backdrop, and ironically enough, the girl’s name was also Jasmine! Small world, eh?
We really love to be specific with choosing our engagement portrait session locations. It is what allows us and the couple to tell their story in the best way possible. We love going in with a vision. A list of photographs in mind. Some couples enjoy posing more than others. Some couples get up and slow dance in front of the camera. Others just look each other in the eye and inhale the scent of the other. Both make for some very magical photographs. We usually plan with the couple from a list of locations we have. For a few unique, creative and less-visited location ideas visit our new blog post here!
Iona beach is one of those beautiful locations that you can really do any style at. Wedding photography, engagement portraits, casual, classy, dressed up. You can throw a wedding there or simply have a picnic with your dog. It is a large park that we can do ten shoots at and still look like we are at a different place every time. It is most definitely in our top ten photo locations list, what a magical and beautiful park.
One really important thing to remember we find, as a Vancouver Wedding photographer, is that many people have “good sides” that they’d prefer photographing. We won’t often know this unless the engaged couple informs us. We’ve had a few instances where we’ve taken photographs for an hour and then we show the couple and they would prefer that it was their “good side” instead. This is completely understandable, and it is why we’ve now learned to show the couple the outcome as we go! Some wedding photo poses work much better for some couples, others for other couples. It’s a collaboration. Mehdi showed the photographs to Jonathan and Jasmine as he photographed on this day. This allows for them to show us what angles they prefer or what they like about the photos. Better yet, Jonathan and Jasmine admired the ones they loved like crazy. This makes a photographer feel GREAT.
We are so lucky to have this beautiful gallery of this stunning engaged couple on our blog. Thank you to the lovely Jonathan and Jasmine for an amazing Engagement Portrait Session. To walk away from these fulfilled with many photos and excited to edit them is one of the best feeling in the entire world.
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