5 important topics to address with your wedding Photographer

Yikes... the wedding planning has begun. For how exciting of a journey wedding planning is, you find yourself stressing EVEN MORE than you expected. “Caterer, check. Cake, check. Planner, check. Photographer….” check…well, until you’ve met them, that is.

After spending hours searching the web, you finally find the one who fits your vision..phew! Evidently, it’s important to set up a meeting, not only to discuss the logistics such the date and schedule of your wedding, but to determine whether or not you have a connection With the person capturing the most important day of your life. you want to find that you have a sense comfort and calmness.

There are however a number of topics that aren’t often addressed during this meeting, and eventually become a problem. we suggest bringing them up as soon as possible, so We’ve come up with a list of 5 important topics that you must discuss sooner rather than later.

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1. Style

It’s important to determine the style of photography you are wanting as one of the first steps. Take time to research certain styles such as vintage wedding photography, traditional wedding photography, or even moody wedding photography! If youdon’t know where to begin, check out our blog post on different wedding photography styles! This way when you meet your wedding photographer, you are able to voice your vision. As photographers, We always want to be able to make dreams come true. if you truly have no idea what style would fit you and your partner best, ask for your photographer’s input!Share your hopes and visions with them Perhaps you’ve always wanted a traditional wedding along a pier,but are afraid that it may rain on that fall day. Don’t fret. we want to make your dreams come to life, and the perfect photographer will always find a way. (and if they are not willing to go the extra mile you know it’s not meant to be.) in many cases, simply communicating your thoughts will work wonders to turning your dream wedding into a reality.


2. Where should we take our Wedding Photos?

Having photos taken in the moment as the both of you say I do is precious, but perhaps you’d like to have a few with a different sense of scenery. photographing the portrait session in most common areas such as Stanley Park located in beautiful Vancouver, is certainly not for everyone. Perhaps you would like to have a more discreet area, not very well known, making it much less populated, thus, feel just that much more intimate.in most cases, we as the photographers recommend a variety of areas such as a forest, beach...or even a basket ball court! (see below!).it is extremely important to inform your photographer of where you would like to take photographs as soon as possible!

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3. How do we make a photo album?

There is truly nothing better than physically holding in your hands the precious moments of your wedding. Flipping through the pages of a fine art album, looking at every guest’s face filled with joy. Joy, for you and your family.

The pages of your wedding photos are a memory not only you, but your parents, grandparents, and perhaps, children will see. They will cherish these pages for the rest of their lives. Many wedding photography companies such as Here and Vow Studio, may have the option to order an album along with the delivery of the digital files. Although there are websites that you can create your own album through, what many people do not know is how much extra time, work and energy goes into creating it! It is not always easy knowing which buttons to press, or what to do it your photo collection accidentally gets deleted. (Trust me-we would know.) It is far more time-consuming than you would expect. Who’s got that extra time-or more-laying around for that, when you can spend it laying on a beach on your honeymoon? Ask your photographer if they offer albums-they may even be able to give you a nice deal within your package!


4. Budget

We’ve all got a budget. Budget for a weddning dress, florist, venue and photographer. Regardless what it is, it’s important to address as soon as possible-especially if you’ve got concerns.  Almost anyone would agree with you that having professional photos taken for your wedding is not cheap. If you’ve fallen in love with a photographer’s style of but perhaps not so much their price, you may find yourself hesitant to talk to your wedding photographer about money. Although the prices are carefully curated to set the certain package to give you the best deal possible, those packages are in fact customizable. Take a moment to think out how many photos you really need, it may not always be necessary to have 600 photos for a 6 hour wedding. If you bring this up with the photographer of your dreams, I guarantee they will be able to tailor a package to your needs.

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5. Invisibility

Tripods sticking out. Videographers blocking the bride’s face. Photographers constantly walking around-interfering with the intimate moment. That’s exactly it. It’s interfering with a moment that should not be interfered with. Only one time have we ever gotten a couple request pre-wedding that we be mindful of staying hidden. At Here & Vow, during our preparation and shot list phone calls, we like to organize where exactly our tripods will be for videography, making sure they align with the seated guests, reminding ourselves to not be in the way. It may be helpful to you to remind your photographer/videographer to be mindful of the delicate moment prior to the wedding. As important as it is to catch every single moment, it is more important for that moment to be felt when it is happening!

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As we know, Wedding Planning can be stressful. I’m sure by now you’ve repeatedly heard “don’t stress” but it’s not that simple, is it? It’s important to remember that the days fly by fast, as will the wedding day. Being in the moment on and before the day, you will thank yourself later. Soak in the experience and allow your wedding planner to take care of the stressful stuff, and let your photographers and videographers take care of capturing it.

These points we’ve are important topics to address with your photographer, as they do come up sooner or later. It’s important to discuss them sooner. At Here & Vow Studio, we like to prepare a list of important topics to talk about with couples prior to the meeting however, many photographers and/or videographers do not. It’s important to have a list for yourself beforehand. Trust us-the stress decreases when you have a sense of comfort with the vendors you choose, and as does it for them. Rather than having an indecisive stressful experience, you have one that is simply pleasurable.