Unique Valentine’s Day Activities for Newly Engaged Couples

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, love birds! Don't stress too much! It just means spending time together only to learn how much more time you want to spend together! The date could be spent laying on the couch, enjoying the company of one another while watching a movie. Even taking the time out of a busy schedule to go for dinner, while falling in love with each other all over again. Valentine's Day is not just all about buying flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates for your significant other. Its to take a moment, showing your appreciation to them for being in your life, spending the day together happy. How nice would it be to do something unique and romantic before diving into all the wedding planning? We're going to share five unique activities for you and your loved one to do!

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Picnic In A Forest:


As this year, Valentine's Day is on a Thursday. You aren’t in the mood to cook dinner, but don’t feel like being surrounded by strangers while eating in a restaurant. Say no more! Hop in the car anyway, on the ride pick up sandwiches and cupcakes along with a blanket of yours. Why not spend the day with just the two of you in the beautiful nature. Nothing says more romantic than a picnic in the forest.


Stargazing that Turns into a Pillow Fight:


Picture this, you’re in a open field gazing up at the stars with your lover. You get this sudden burst of energy, excitement, playfulness sensation. While turning your head to look around you, while lying on the pillow it pops in your head, pillow fight! As a couple planning a wedding, it's insanely easy to get caught up in stress! It’s important to have fun and not be so stressed about what's yet to come. Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to let go and just have fun as a couple.

Roasting Marshmallows Over The Fire:


Valentine’s Day doesn’t always mean go above and beyond, sometimes less means more. You’re having a sweet tooth moment as does your partner, why not take a drive or even a short trip to your backyard and create a mini fire. Cuddle up in a blanket, and feel the warmth of the fire, as you both enjoy the company of one another.

Trips Through A Treehouse:


We all have that adventurous side to us, so why not take action on it. Travel the jungles of all the tall trees through the forest, you may very well find yourself a treehouse. Don’t stop there continue the adventure, twist and turns through the treehouse to explore every inch of it!

Dancing Through Fields:


Are you constantly imagining, or worrying about the magical moment you and your partner have your first dance? why not practice that dance? Play your song on your cell phone, grab your partners hand and feel that sense of relaxation. Just the two of you.


To plan the perfect day with countless options, yet with less than two weeks left is NO piece of cake! Take this list of date ideas and add your own delicate touches. shape it into how you’d want your Valentine’s Day to be spent. and Remember to comment your versions of your dates, and tag @hereandvowstudio in your photos!