Gen & JJ's Engagement

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It is always a nice change to switch gears from weddings to portrait sessions. What a breath of fresh air it was to photograph Gen and JJ. One quality that the best wedding videographers or best wedding photographers have is the ability to avoid interfering with a special moment (such as a wedding kiss, wedding dance, speeches or wedding vows during the ceremony) and still create beautiful images or videos. Sometimes, this gets challenging, as many people are not used to being in front of a camera. Wedding photo poses can be challenging to get into, especially if an engaged couple has not been in front of a camera before. Genevieve and JJ were outgoing, unreserved, adventurous, and they are both actors! These amazing attributes made the job feel effortless! 
One of the beauties of photographing an engaged couple before their wedding, is getting to know them before the special day! Wedding photography and videography is not one size fits all, is so tailored to the specific engaged couple! Getting to know the way they interact, the wedding poses and romantic poses they are comfortable with doing, is extremely helpful come wedding day, when we know how to direct them on which poses and knowing what they are comfortable with. Oftentimes, they even give us some input on the best photo angles they have, or their "good side" for photographs! These wedding shoots feel loads more effortless when we know a couple already! 
One of the biggest challenges in planning a photoshoot is always picking a location among all of the beautiful parks, beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers in Vancouver. Being a local Vancouver Photographer is both a blessing and a curse. Extremely lucky though. Amid all of these picturesque places, I figured Coquitlam River would be the perfect place to capture some precious moments! And indeed, it was!
We were just about SWIMMING in the Coquitlam River, let alone walking overtop of it! I must say that one of the most challenging parts was being terrified that either one of my camera lenses, or even worse, one of us three would fall into the river! Although the experience was slightly fearful, I must say it was good practice for when a bride and groom would like photos near/in water! Who knew that the best photographers must also have good balance! I must say, even though the experience may have been slightly terrifying, being in nature is 10 times better than being in a photography studio! 

It’s interesting how much different river wedding photography is different to beach wedding photography. The focus is completely different. With beach wedding photography, the focus may be on the background. The still, or wavy, water in the background. Whereas with river wedding photography, we must put in some effort in order to keep the water in the frame! And yet, compared to beach water, instead of being still, it is unrestrained, wild and stormy. So much life in the River.
The end of a two hour portrait session has only one good aspect to it (other than looking forward to editing the images and sending the 30 of them off to the couple!) is knowing that there will be another one soon! If you're up to making our day, book your complimentary engagement portrait session soon! 
We would love to do another portrait session soon! We love photographing everything, creative wedding photography, studio wedding photography, indian wedding photography, family wedding photography, asian wedding photography, bridal portraits, event photography or any kind of traditional wedding photography. And also videography of all sorts of weddings, and events. 
Huge thank you to Gen and JJ for being so easy to work with and for such an amazingly fun photoshoot!
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